Smart technology benefitting both landlords and occupiers

How do you ensure that people feel safe in their environment, whilst also maintaining operational excellence? Secure is a new solution which benefits both businesses and consumers, tracking real-time occupancy and monitoring ambience, water, waste, carbon emissions and energy consumption, all under one dashboard.

Secure is a innovative platform designed to meet the emerging facility management requirements offering landlords and property managers real-time data to enable efficient decision making. With a key focus on Data Analytics, Digital Twin and ESG, Secure captures, collates and manages extensive and diverse information and delivers it in an easy-to-use format.

About Secure

Futureproof your buildings and manage operations remotely

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Data analytics

Secure reports on your data aggregated from disparate building systems, providing insights into usage such as energy consumption, occupancy and sanitization.

Digital twin

A 3D replica of your building, the Secure digital twin creates real-time remote visibility, providing facility managers complete visibility on operations and maintenance. It drives efficiencies and elevates operational performance.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Secure makes it easier to manage your journey to net-zero carbon emissions, using smart technology to manage your energy consumption, providing a holistic view of all your properties from the platform.

Benefits of using Secure

View real-time occupancy levels and people movement, monitor social distancing

Monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, and cleaning

Track your building’s important assets such as fire extinguishers

Provide location way finding such as exit routes

Monitor energy consumption, carbon emissions and more

Provide intelligent insights for Health & Safety

Integrate other apps for more smart solutions

Fill the data gaps through wireless technology

Save significant capex through tracking the building’s life cycle

Features of Secure

  • Leak detection

  • Asset tracking

  • Space desk monitoring

  • Health and safety

  • Elevator monitoring

  • Carbon emission

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Energy

  • Waste

  • Car parking monitoring

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